Glass #23 "Hopventure Time" Bent Harmony

Glass #23 "Hopventure Time" Bent Harmony

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Tomorrow April 4th, at 3pm eastern we will be releasing glass #23! 

500 produced, 1 per person please.

Everyone's favorite super fragile glass is back! We've adjusted the stem bend so the glass sits more upright compared to glass #14. With this change we think it's safe to fill the glass as high as you want. Did we mention this glass is reallyyyy fragile? Please use caution when cleaning and handling. Always check for cracks in the stem before using. Please let us know if there is a crack in the stem as soon as it arrives.

Hopventure Time was printed on a full color press. The same art is on the front in green and the back in blue. The glass is a bent stem 13.5oz Rastal Harmony.

We'll be shipping these out on 4/11.

S&H costs are more than usual given how much bubble wrap is needed to ensure safe delivery and even then still we have glasses break in transit. If your glass is broken on arrival please send us pictures immediately and we'll replace it. 

3:15 update: about 100 left after the initial rush! This should last the day! If you would like to have your order shipped with a friends order please email us!

If you missed out these will be available again once we account for breakage from the first round. Please shoot us a message to get on the reserves list. 

Update: Zero breakage reported so far! We just put some reserves up! We're waiting on bubble wrap reinforcements to arrive so these will be shipping out mid to late this week.