Glass #14 "Piranha Hop" Bent Stem Harmony

Glass #14 "Piranha Hop" Bent Stem Harmony

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Available on Tuesday October 30th at 2pm est. 

1 per person please! 

We're still in the process of bending the stems and have a little under 200 bent so far. Those will ship Wednesday on a first come first serve basis and we plan to ship the rest the following Thursday.

The stems are bent by hand and while we strive for the same design each time, no 2 glasses are 100% identical. 

When filling to the slanted brim the glass holds 11.5 -12.5 oz, we recommend only filling it with 8 oz or under when setting the glass down to minimize straining the stem. 8 oz is right around Piranha Hop's mouth. Upright the glass holds 13.5 oz.

These are more fragile than regular stemmed glasses! We urge everyone to use caution when washing and handling! 

11/9 Update: 400 glasses were produced and 300 have been sold with 100 being kept back to replace breakage. We've had about 20 accounts of glasses cracking during shipping and then breaking shortly after, all of which we've replaced at no cost to the buyer.

12/5 Update: Reserves are up!