5th Anniversary Glass "We've come full circle!"

5th Anniversary Glass "We've come full circle!"

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"Grounded to earth through the eschewal of a foot at the base of its stem, our 5th ani glass both catches and demands the attention of every beer connoisseur. This precarious balance commands a similar respect for the beer itself.

In our 5th ani glass, the beer reveals itself in all its color against a bright background, coats the surface of the sidewalls and instantly imparts its inner character. This unique shape, which incorporates the bowl of the respected Durobor glass, requires the connoisseur to insert it into the receptor with the same care they afford the beer."

1 per person.

Lol so what started out as a meme take on the Zalto Gravitas turned into this behemoth. This takes awhile print so not making many of these but we will have a non meme-afied versions of the glass holder-holder part coming out as a glass holder soon!