Glass 57 "BEANGO"

Glass 57 "BEANGO"

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Round 1: Any 5 in a row!  ROUND OVER

G-47, I-21, I-28, B-7, O-62, N-33, I-30, B-3, O-69, N-31, B-9, I-16, B-15, I-27, N-40, G-52, I-18, N-36, B-1, B-13, N-41, G-48, B-11, I-20, N-39, O-67

Round 2: an X, ROUND OVER (numbers from rounds 1 still count towards this round)

B-2, I-17, O-75, G-46, O-65, B-12, B-6, O-63, O-74, I-19, O-71, I-22, G-49, G-56, O-73, I-26, B-10, B-4, G-51, O-72, I-25, O-61, G-60, O-70

Round 3: full sheet (numbers from rounds 1 & 2 still count towards this round)

N-43, N-32, B-8, I-24, I-29, G-50, N-37, N-42, O-64, O-66, I-23, N-44, G-55, B-14, G-59,N-38, N-34, N-45  ROUND OVER, We'll be doing this again and live next time! It will be random and not announced ahead of time so If you find bingo cards in your glass you can expect a game soon!

Instructions: Everyone has 2 cards, you'll be using both at the same time for all games. When you have bingo please shoot us a pic of your card through fb or email us through the contact page and well reply so you can reply with the pic. We're going to be reserving some glasses in case your email doesn't go through right away and we'll leave the numbers up for that round so if you couldn't be here at 8 but still have a winning card just let us know! We're doing 1 glass 57 per winner but if you win multiple rounds you can choose any in stock glass as your second prize!

There's going to be 3 rounds and about 10 winners per round:


Huge thanks to Rodney Pike for the art!