2024 VIP Hicks Openers Membership Renewal

2024 VIP Hicks Openers Membership Renewal

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v2.5s are here! Everything you love about the 2.0s and now with a clear case front! 

Here's what you get as a member:

-$100 credit to use towards VIP Openers (credit does not expire and can be used right away!)

-Access to 2024 VIP Openers + other fun stuff tbd

-Early access and 10% off public v2.0 releases (these will be available in vip emails at a lower price)

Changes to the VIP program:

-v2.5s fronts will be VIP only for 2024! 

Please use an email address that you check often! We will send out all vip offers via email in our monthly newsletter! After purchase you will receive a 2nd email with the credit code as well! 

VIP Openers are 3d printed with neodymium magnets, a titanium cutter and metal bolt.